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VLC Media player Versus Mx Player – Which Video player to Download

VLC Media player Versus Mx Player. This is the era of media. We can see media everywhere. So there are media players, and lot of media players are there for smartphone users. As we say smartphone, all comes in mind is great audio system, HD video watching. All these get better with the media player apps. You must have used vlc on your personal computer or laptop.  But have you ever imagined using vlc in your phone?

VLC Media player Versus Mx Player

VLC Media player Versus Mx Player

Yes you can now use VLC in your phone too. They have developed an Android app for smartphones, such that you can enjoy their services by watching movies in phone. It is the most efficient media player which is available in play store for free of cost!!! while ,it is an efficient media player, but on the other hand we have MX player, which has been used by so many people across the globe. MX player gives competition to vlc media player in every best possible way. They both are come under Media and Video categories of android apps and serving best to their users. These both media players provides same service, so we can compare them on this basis. before comparison lets know a little about both of them.


Vlc Media player Versus Mx Player

Vlc Media player Versus Mx Player

It is a free and open source multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.

Specifications :

  • version – 1.7.5 ,76 MB
  • downloads – 1,00,00,000+,
  • size -13.43 MB,
  • rated – 4.3/5

You may also be interested in checking its review and download link from here : VLC HD Video player Android.


Vlc Media player Versus Mx Player

Vlc Media player Versus Mx Player

MX player provides you with the best way to enjoy your movies.

Specifications :

  • version – 1.7.40,
  • downloads – 10,00,00,00+,
  • size -12.76 MB,
  • rated 4.5/5.

You may also be interested in checking its detailed review and download link from here : MX player Android app.

Vlc Media player Versus Mx Player

This brief introduction to both apps was important to make their comparison and to understand it.

As everything has its pros and cons ,so has these apps,we would be comparing their pros and cons, their compatibility, user interface, media viewing etc.

PROS of VLC media player and MX player:

VLC media player is very potential media player app for phones. It supports every media format including  MKV,ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS,WV, and AAC.

  • No separate downloads.
  • media library for audio and video files
  • supports multi-track audio and subtitles

vlc for android

MX player on the other hand also supports all media format ,and it also facilitates few features like :-

  • pinch to zoom
  • ability to move around subtitles.
  • “kid lock” : which keep your kids entertained ,and keep your kids away from apps they are not supposed to use.
  • multi-core decoding
MX player - HD Video Player android download

MX player – HD Video Player android download

CONS of VLC media player and MX player app:

The VLC Media Player is not completely stable,as if it is in its beta version, when you download this app, you are informed about it.

update: VLC beta free version is also released. Please check the same.

whereas ,MX player has one and only one drawback that it shows ads , but you can purchase the pro version of MX player to get rid of this problem, moreover, if you wish to browse online or to share something this is not for you.

THE USER INTERFACE – Comparison of both MX player and VLC video player:

If we talk about the user interface VLC Media Player it does provide a nice and easy menu to search, refresh your content and to switch between audio and video options.

On the other hand, MX Player allows you to choose your directory and is really designed to view videos. MX Player too offers the same options as VLC, but they all are organized in the corner of the screen, such that it won’t interrupt you while watching a movie.


These both apps  are doing great with their media view, both provide the best in class watching experience.  The only thing which can make you choose VLC Media Player over MX player is that MX player interrupts your movie watching experience by displaying ads. but you can purchase the pro version which was already pointed out in previous point, to enjoy ads free movie watching experience.

Add Subtitle to MX Player

Add Subtitle to MX Player

On the other hand VLC Media Player is totally ad-free, distraction free while you watch movie or listening to audio,it is not disturbing at all. But vlc is free with no ads.

ADD-ON of VLC Media player and MX player app:

The main objective of downloading these apps are to watch and view media. as many as features they provide to you the more you will love watching movies with their apps. So in this case MX Player rules the media watching app. The developers of MX players keep updating their app in the perfect span of time. With each update they release some new features which make users love it more. They provide you the option of changing the position and looks of the subtitles , you can also lock screen for your kids, such that they don’t access other applications, and it provides you with gesture options ,that is you can quickly modify things like volume,brightness. whereas, Mx player also has hardware acceleration, so there should not be any problem regarding watching movies.

On the other hand VLC Media Player don’t have this much options ,but it is doing fine with the normal users ,who don’t expect much but some users want advanced features .

so this time, MX player wins.

SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR USERS in Both Media player apps:

VLC Media Player app has the best support system for its users. as the developer of VLC are concerned about their users. so they provide a strong support system.

vlc for android

Whereas, on the other hand MX Player, too provide a support system for the questions and problems of their users but they failed to achieve the maximum satisfaction of their users in this case.

APP PERMISSION access for VLC Media player and MX player app:

VLC Media player needs access to your media files.

whereas on the other hand MX Player ,needs permission to “control vibration” , and “prevent phone from sleeping”,as these permissions are required for  media playback on some devices.

You can also check for best Music player apps in Android. Also top Video Download manager of Android. If you want to play and Download YouTube videos, then you may see support of YouTube Android app to download and play Video offline.


Hence, after comparing both the apps , on the basis of these main points  we can conclude that, both apps are doing their best on their part to satisfy their user to maximum. These are the leading apps for watching movies and videos .

This was the comparison between the two leading media player apps. You can get these apps  easily in play store . do review the article and if you know any other media player app, you can comment it in the comment box, provided at the end of the article…!!! enjoy your movies!!

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