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Video Waker Alarm – Android Video Alarm clock introduced for the first time

Video Waker – Android Video Alarm clock introduced for the first time. Let me discuss with you all the important points, of Video Waker – A video Alarm Application:

Try out Video waker free version :
Get it on Google Play

Try out Video Waker paid version:

Note: Right now the alarm is for sale for promotion, so purchase on time to get full benefit.
Get it on Google Play

Do rate the Application on Google Play store after trying it.

Introduction of Video Alarm

A Day starts in the morning, with the ringing sound of your mobile Alarm, which strikes your eardrum to wake you up and with your half eyes opened, viewing the same old static Alarm screen, you are now ready to move your fingers to end up the alarm sound by either touching the snooze button or by dismissing the alarm. What if this same old Alarm screen is replaced with a new Dynamic Video Screen which enables you to visualize dream, your day or someone special in the morning, well don’t worry Video Waker Android Application featured this idea.

Video Waker Alarm

Video Waker Alarm

We are launching a dedicated video alarm for the first time in history, the Video Waker Android App, which enables you to watch your stored video when an alarm is invoked. Video Waker is launched recently in Google Play Store and in Amazon App Store too, in which not only video as alarm, but an audio file and a video file both can be simultaneously be played as an alarm tone. With new technology, new era and new evolution, we are ready to provide a well tested Alarm with very new idea to set and play video as an alarm.

Note: Application is on sale from promotion. Purchase it on time before its price hikes.

List of Features of Video Waker Alarm Android Application

Before asking you to purchase and try this app for once, let me list out application salient features:

  • Set can set any video as an alarm tone
  • Set any audio as an alarm ringtone
  • Set both audio file and video file to run simultaneously as an alarm

video waker alarm

video waker alarm








  • Adjust the video screen mode : Either Auto, Landscape and Portrait
  • Set snooze time, either 2 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute
  • Set multiple Alarms
  • Set alarm to repeat weekly
  • Adjust Sound of Video or Audio

video waker alarmvideo waker alarm








  • Turn on or off vibration
  • See the notification of remaining time for an alarm to start
  • Optimized for all known screen resolutions
  • Intuitive app settings and simple User interface
  • No advertisement
  • Designed for mobile as well as for tablets.
Output : video waker alarm

video waker alarm in Landscape mode

video waker alarm

Video Waker Alarm in Portrait Mode

Get Free or Paid App from play store or Amazon:

You may found Video Waker alarm in Google Play Store or in Amazon App Store(Yet to release). Both paid as well as Free version is launched. For a trial or free version, you are limited to play video upto 45 seconds length. To remove this limitation and get an ad free application, you need to purchase a premium Video Waker App.

Try out free version before purchasing the Application:

Get it on Google Play

Paid app version is for sale now, as for promotion, where you need to pay a minimum amount of cost to purchase Video Waker. You don’t need to pay any extra charges. Once it get purchased, it will be your App for lifetime.
Get it on Google Play

But why to purchase this application, after having lots of Android Alarm Application in Play Store for free? Well here are the reasons i am listing out.

Video Waker Alarm

Video Waker Alarm

Why to purchase Video Waker Alarm – Reasons, benefits and scenario:

There are many reasons for you and me to purchase this application. I am quite sure, that after reading all the reasons, scenario and benefits listed below, you will definitely have an answer to purchase Video Waker.

1.) Start your day with Motivation:

Imagine that you are very busy doing your work, which is not completed yet and as you are tired now, you may end up the day by making plan to get up early tomorrow and do the remaining work. But are you sure that you would wake up early and avoid the laziness? If not sure, Video Waker alarm will help you to get up early by energizing and motivating you by leting you to watch the best inspirational video you have in your memory card or phone memory. Remember the quote

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”

2.) See your Lucky charm in front of you in morning:

Imagine you are waking up in the morning, and you see lucky charm in-front of you who makes you happy and your whole day would be awesome. Well but you may not control any person to be always be in-front of you in all cases. But Video Waker will let you see your luckiest person, by setting the customized video or recorder video you have of that person as a video alarm tone.

3.) Train yourself to remember God in your busy schedule:

I can explain any scenario here. You should always be thankful to God for having this great and wonderful life and should always remember God in your busy life. If you still struggling to remember god twice in a day, then Video Waker comes handy here. Just set two alarm, with repeat weekly ON for everyday with God video as an alarm tone. This will definitely purify your heart and soul. Let me end up this reason with a beautiful quote:

“Have faith, Keep praying and be thankful! Remember:
God answers are wiser than your prayers”

4.) Don’t want to miss someone special in early morning:

Record a video with someone special, customize it, and never miss the chance to watch it again and again with Video Waker. For my case, i have a video of a person who is very special to me. I always use to set this video as an alarm tone, which let me to see her beautiful face and hear her lovely voice, daily early morning. Special person means your Parents or Husband/Wife or Girlfriend/boyfriend or Son/Daughter and the list goes on…………

5.) Not only to Wake you, Use it for Multipurpose:

Not only to wake you up, but this Video alarm Application will also helps you to in many ways to get a more productive day, as it will visually remind you of all the task or work that you may want to complete in a day. How?

  • In morning: Set video alarm with Video Waker to boost energy, get motivation, and let a big smile comes in your face.
  • When working: Record of some task video and set it as an alarm.
  • Schedule to chill out in a day when having a lot of work pressure. Just set an alarm with a best comic or best entertainment video you have and watch it out to reinvent yourself.
  • and many more ways…..

6.) Follow your ideal by watching them in video
7.) Never get up late.

Try Video Waker Paid Application once – If don’t like, get Full Refund within two hour of purchase

Google Play Store will allow you to purchase, test the app and if you don’t like the application, get the refund back. After purchasing Video Waker App, you can return it within two hours for a full refund. Give it a try, install app from below link:

  • Get it on Google Play

Here is the way to get the return of Paid Application:

  1. Open the Google play Store app.
  2. Select menu icon and then My Account.
  3. Select app you did like to return. Then select Refund.
  4. Follow the given instruction to get complete refund and uninstall your app.
  • Note: After the return period has passed i.e (With in Two Hours after the install of Application), you’ll see will Uninstall button instead of a Refund button. Selecting Uninstall will remove the app from your device, but you won’t receive a refund. If you are getting problem with the Application, you may contact developer.

Also, you need to pay for Video Waker once in a lifetime. If after purchasing you have uninstalled the application, and want it back again, then you can again re-install it from Google Play Store without giving extra money.

If you are from India and want to integrate your Debit card with Google Wallet to purchase this application, you may see this link: PayPal and Google Wallet Indian debit cards support.  Still if you are having problem to purchase from Google Play Store, we will release this application soon at Amazon App store.

Did you like the concept of this video alarm. Are you ready to purchase it from Google play Store? Do comment below, what you think about the concept. Also let us know from which App Store you prefer to purchase an Application i.e from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

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2 thoughts on “Video Waker Alarm – Android Video Alarm clock introduced for the first time

  1. ramaraju

    The video waker could have been designed to carry out a pre loaded cycle of alarms to repeat itself over a cycle of a month/year etc., automatically and the user would only stop the alarm after getting up duly fresh with the video waker.

    1. aoAPPStoAdm Post author

      Hi rama raju, Nice to hear from you. Can you please explain the idea in detail.


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