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Unblock location restricted web content- Download VPN Unlimited Android app

Unblock location restricted web content. Censorship is the internet reality in a great number of countries that closes the informational door to millions of people. Authorities claim that it is meant for network protection against spreading of the content involved with pornography, violence, illegal file sharing, religious conflicts, and “slanders” against governments. However, as often as they keep out such cases, they confine normal users from browsing the internet as they wish.

Download VPN unlimited - Unblock location restricted web content

Unblock location restricted web content

Firewalls become a huge nuisance when all you want is free access to the social networks or media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, and many others, but everything you get instead is “Access Denied”. Moreover, many VoIP apps are also affected by the censorship. These all mean that if you travel to or live in one of the countries with strict internet regulations, you will be limited in contacting your colleagues, partners, friends, and family. There will be an invisible wall between you and the information and services that the rest of the world takes for granted.

The vaccine against the Internet censorship – Unblock location restricted web content

Fortunately, there are ways to get around firewalls. The Internet restrictions appear to be on the DNS level. DNS, or Domain Name System, is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. This means that if you want to tweet but you are located in China or the UAE, where Twitter is blocked, you need to change your real IP to, for instance, U.S. IP. Now you are able to continue your social networking.

A virtual private network will give you a hand with this matter. It is a service that creates an encrypted connection from your device to an offsite secure server, which becomes your entry point to the public web. Originally developed so that businesses could have employees and executives work remotely in a safe manner, VPN has now become a service that allows you to avoid any internet restrictions and censorship, digital surveillance and tracking.

Erase the boundaries – Download Now VPN Unlimited Android app – Unblock location restricted web content

One of the best VPN services on the market is VPN Unlimited.

Unblock location restricted web content

It will disguise your real IP address as well as all the internet traffic, thus making your connection untraceable. With a military grade encryption as described, the app ensures the best protection for your personal data, and the smoothest online experience.

VPN Unlimited uses a top-notch stealth technology that provides an extended online freedom. It allows users bypass any restrictions set by governments, ISPs or other corporations, and protects your VPN connection from being detected and throttled. Now you can experience a truly open and uncensored internet, even if standard VPN protocols are get blocked.

Download VPN unlimited - Unblock location restricted web content

Download VPN unlimited – Unblock location restricted web content

Using this VPN service, you are able to get a personal static IP address instead of shared one. With this option, you will benefit by clear history and reputation, because there is only you who use this particular IP. As a result, you will never be blocked or black-listed because of other users crooked deeds.

All of these features combine to create a tool for both online security and bypassing regional blocks and firewalls. You can get by online censorship, ignore problematic guidelines on certain networks, protect yourself from hackers on any network, and be able to privately transfer any files you want.

This app is the ultimate solution that will protect you from unexpected websites blocking, and will help you to keep on safe communication with the outside world that is of crucial importance today.

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