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Download Pinterest App – Social Network iOS – Android App

Download Pinterest App. An idea can change your life, changes your work progress, changes things around you a good idea can take you to the top of the world. How you get those wonderful ideas by reading things of your interest and be in touch with them. With pinterest you can discover, search and save great content from across the world you can also use it for daily life inspirational and practical ideas which can create huge difference.

Download Pinterest App - Social Network iOS - Android App


  • For example you are decorating a room or renovating it you can find new idea to make it look great or if you are planning a birthday party or a family functions you can find how to manage it
  • you can get many ideas like for a new hair cut or dressing style ,to cook new food recipe or even how to dance in a new style
  • you can explore your hobby and area of interest by getting many new and innovative ideas,

Download Pinterest App – Social Network iOS Android App

Download Pinterest Android from play store official link for Android:

Prisma - Art Image edtior

Download Pinterest Android from app store official link for iOS:

Pinterest app ios

You may also look at the official website of pinterest and login and signup from here if you don’t have created any account in pinterest yet.

Download Pinterest App - Social Network iOS - Android App



  • First of all download and sign up to pinterest and edit your profile .you can enter your name on top right corner
  • Go inside edit profile option and edit your email address and notification option and you can also change your password if you want
  • Edit your profile fill the information boxes .like name, picture, username, about you, website etc. choose your profile pictures and you can also connect with social networking sites like facebook and twitter.
  • There is also an pinboard option with which you can create your own pin but start by checking the pinboard of the people you are already fallowing in starting you will be asked about your interest to follow with this you can also look more pins to fallow
  • With repin pins options you can repin a pin which you like to your own dashboard and also like other pins

What you can do with Pinterest App-

  • Discover and save creative ideas for a project or your interest
  • Find things to make buy and do
  • You can collect your finds and interest at one place fallow and like them
  • You can also use guided stuff to search what you want and save good stuffs around the globe

What ever your passion is you can follow it and find innovative ideas at pinterest. What you think about pinterest app? Do you use pinterset social network android or iOS app? We would be happy to discuss about the pinterest app by just writing down comment below.

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