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Download Waze Map App iOS and Android – Near by places, Gas prices, traffic, ETA etc

Download Waze Map App. Punctuality is the stern virtue and if it comes high in your list then you can win all your challenges with ease. Anyone who is a businessman, work in a IT company, traveller or a writer if you are on time then you will be the KING. Waze map app provides you real time traffic information, short cuts and provides you alert before you reach accidents or hazards.

Download Waze Map App – Near by places, Gas prices, traffic, ETA etc

If you are travelling for a meeting, want to meet a person or want to reach anywhere on time then waze app will be one of the best option. It will provide you smart direction to any destination and you can use proper use of time as it is said that ordinary people think merely of spending time and great people think of using it. Use  waze map app and be on time .

Download Waze Map App for Android playstore link:

Download Waze Map App for iOS iPhone – iPad Appstore link:


HOW TO USE WAZE APP- Download Waze Map App – Near by places, Gas prices, traffic, ETA etc

Waze Map app tips and tricks and how to – Download Waze Map app

Just by driving with waze open you can get tons of real time information and you can travel and reach your destination easily here we provide you some simple steps about how to use the app

  • First of all download Waze map app from play store or Appstore and successfully install the app.
  • Now click on the waze icon to open the app and read and accept the waze end user license agreement of the waze map app.
  • With this you are ready to use the app now click on the search option and enter the destination. As soon as you will enter the destination waze app will provide you the map route which will be highlighted in blue color you can follow the path and reach your destination.
  • The waze map app also provide turn by turn voice navigation. You can also follow the instruction and reach the destination comfortably.
  • Tap on the orange circle present on the right bottom of the screen to get GPS reception.


  • You can search nearby places and gas prices (click on places or gas prices icon )
  • Provides alert before you approach accidents hazards ,police and more ( click on the hazard, accident , or police icon)
gis reception

GIS reception

  • It reports real time traffic and road information and improve driving for all (click on the traffic icon)
  • You can also send your ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) to update those you are meeting (swipe up from the bottom of the app)


  • Continue use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Waze map app will be automatically shut down when it is haven’t driven for a while it saves the battery automatically.


What you can do with waze map app – Download

Waze is one of the largest community– based traffic and navigating app. With the help of the waze app you can Navigate with turn by turn guidance and avoid traffic with real time route updates. Waze map App provides many more options which are as follows-

  • With the app you will have live routing based on community driven, real time traffic and road information.
  • App provides live maps which are consistently updated and edited.
  • You can send your ETA and real time drive to the person you are meeting.
  • You can also add information on local places and business . earn points and climbs up in your community.
  • You can add facebook friends and sync contact.

Use waze and be punctual. What you think about Waze map app? Are you using this app? Do comment below.

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