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Measure height, Width and distance of target object – Download Smart Measure Android App

Measure height, Width and distance of target object – Download Smart Measure Android App. Are you a civil engineer? Do you want to know your height or distance of an object from you without having any physical exercise and measuring tape? Well, Everything on a finger tip now. Android is really smart and so the developers, who created one such Smart measure Android app tool.

Smart Measure Android App

Smart Measure is one such app which is available in play store which can be easily downloaded in Android devices. It utilizes Mathematics trigonometry and Camera of Android Mobile, to calculate height and distance in few seconds. While their are some restrictions and rules to be followed before start working with this app.

Things to be keep in mind before measuring height and distance from Smart Measure Android App:

  • Firstly, set the height, i.e height measure between the ground surface and your device camera location, as shown in figure below indicated as ‘h‘.

Smart Measure Android App

This Height would always vary depending upon who is holding camera device and how and in which angle the phone is carried. This step is very crucial to conclude if the measurement is correct or not. If the provided field is not written correctly you would get some funny results from it. For instance when i was measuring height of room it comes out to be more than a building, then after some time I found due to incorrect figure in height field.  Also define H if you are standing above building or so.

  • Secondly, don’t move while taking bottom and top part of the object.

Here is what the app instruction page looks like:

Smart Measure Android App

Download Smart Measure Android app from here:

Get it on Google Play

For free version you cannot calculate width of an object and also ads may distract you, which appears at the bottom of the screen.

You can also find its Smart Measure pro version which cost to around $1.20. Here are few more features you will get with smart measure pro version :

– Width and Area can be measured
– Portrait mode
– Camera Zoom
– Virtual Horizon
– No ads

You can download pro version from here:

Get it on Google Play

Steps of measure height and distance with Smart Measure Android app:

1.) Install and open up the application. This will directly start your device camera to. Hold on the device and position the targeted object in the view provided.

2.) Note: Firstly you need to target the bottom point of the object to find the accurate distance. Move cursor to bottom and click the image, this will result into calculated distance. This step will also enable the measure height button.

3.) From the same position where you are standing, click and measure distance and move the cursor of app to the upper top of the object. Click the image. Volia, height of the object is calculated.

Here is the screenshot i am adding, which i had taken in late night of a small Gate. These was an approximate result I found, and not so accurate.

Smart Measure Android App

I found this application to be truly useful and would be useful for you too, if you want to find some approximate height and distance. While sometimes it provides slightly wrong results too, so be cautious and don’t trust it blindly, use your own mind too.


Is their any alternative to measure height of building with the help of Android app? Which app you use it? Do rate the app, if you find this application to be useful or do comment below if you are getting problem in using it.

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