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Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature? MX Player: MX Player is one of the most famous HD video players available for android which comes under Media and Video categories of Android application. It is a free version of video player which enable us to run videos that we have downloaded from Whatsapp or YouTube downloader in an effective and efficient manner.

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

Why MX Player Pro?

While we have already been using MX Player it is worth considering MX player pro for the following reasons:

  • Ad free version: MX Player Pro- MX Player Pro is basically a paid version of MX player. And of course it provides many additional features to the free version of MX Player. The most important feature that MX Player Pro is endowed with is that it is completely advertisement free version. And needless to say that how these ad irritates us and also if you are using MX Player for professional purpose then it is completely undesirable. So for that purpose it is better to opt for MX Player Pro.
  • Additional features: In addition to that in near future some more fascinating features may be introduced which may only be supported on its pro version as per the developer team. And obviously after the introduction of these features the prices of MX Player Pro version may go high. So it is better to give it a try as of now when it is available at nominal cost and the rest is up to you.

You may also see VLC for Android media player as an alternative to MX player pro. Check out MX player VS VLC media player article.

Now let us discuss the features of MX Player pro: Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

1)User friendly User Interface : Its User friendly UI provides folder view that only shows the folder containing Videos can be played using Video player.

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

2)Subtitle Support :  MX Player pro supports many subtitles format like .smi, .srt, .txt, .idx, .sub, .psb ,.vtt, .psb and so on.

3) Screen Features: It provides Screen features like

a) Horizontal dragging– for changing playback position.

b) Vertical dragging– for Brightness control (left half) and for sound control (right half)

c) Double Tab– for playing and pausing movies or videos.

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

Download MX Player Pro-Why-Feature?

4) Kids Lock– This feature helps you prevent your kids from making any calls and also from using any other applications on your phone.

Download MX player pro from either of the following download links:

MX Player Pro  – Google Play 


MX player Pro – Official Site

So what are you waiting for just go for it, Just download it and have fun If you come across any difficulty then, do let me know about it from the below comment box.

Note : The licence of MX Player Pro is valid for one Google account only.

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