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CamScanner Download app essential for quality scan by mobile

CamScanner a productivity app – Want to scan and send some important documents? In this digital era, you don’t need to rush to your nearby by scanning machine shops or start your own scanner machine for scanning just a document. Just capture a document image with your android mobile, crop and improve quality of image, adjust height and width of document and finally convert, send and share the image into either enhanced scanned pdf doc or image formatReally simple right? Yes it is, CamScanner is one such application which makes your life easy.

Instig CamScanner is available to download on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows phone 8 too. Android users can found a premium i.e CamScanner License version which is currently available at $1.99 (i.e 60% off $4.99) as well as free i.e CamScanner – Phone PDF creator version combines to cross more than 60 million downloaded.

Let me provide you some sequential snapshot of a simple page i have scanned with free CamScanner app:

camscanner - take photo

Take photo

camscanner - optmize photocamscanner - optmize photo

optmize photo

camscanner - export as pdf or image

export as pdf or image

In addition to automatically image processing correction of photo or an image, as shown in snapshot 2, you will also get an option to take the convert the original image as doc, increase or decrease brightness, choose magic color, change to gray mode or switch between white and black theme.

  • Here are the download links:

Download CamScanner Free Version Application:

Buy and Download CamScanner Licensed Version Application

  • Final output of the image is shown as below. This is really an appreciable quality out of rough paper. The content written solely with black pencil.
Camscanner - Final output

Final output

Features of CamScanner Android mobile Application:

Let me list out some features of this scanning app which can convert the hard-copy to soft-copy as either a PDF document or Images.

  • Very simple and easy User Interface to navigate.
  • Don’t forces user to register and activate the account.
  • Two button at home page to either take photos from camera or select the one or more from the gallery.
  • Optimize the Scan quality by auto cropping and running automatic algorithm over an image for enhancement.
  • Share PDF/JPEG easily with various social media apps.
  • Instant print and fax support.
  • Adding Customized Watermark on docs.
  • Secure important docs by setting passcode for viewing the same.

You need to get register and sign in for free to enjoy following features in CamScanner:

  • Quick Search for finding and listing the docs saved.
  • Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans in a group.
  • Can Store and sync the docs across various smartphones, and PCs with same account.

Limitation of free version:

Free version of CamScanner, will put small watermark at bottom left stating “Scanned by CamScanner”. Also small ads may distract you in free version. You can purchase the premium application to remove Watermark, ads, and edit and export OCR (Optical Character Recognition) i.e it may convert the image into text file. Link for premium or Licensed Scanner app is given above.

If requiring more than the above listed feature, you can opt to take either a monthly membership or yearly membership. Here is the snapshot which compare between free basic account and premium account, you may find at their official website.

CamScanner Bassic Account vs Premium Account

CamScanner Bassic Account vs Premium Account

Lastly, you can benefited by CamScanner to scan and manage bill, invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card, Memo, Note, PPT, Book, Identity Document, Certificate etc.

What you think about this amazing productive CamScanner Android app to scan and convert the document into PDF? Are you using this application? Which version you prefer the most. Do share your valuable thoughts by commenting below. If you like the application review do share with your friends and family.

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