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Top 5 Camera applications, you can’t resist

You must be requiring a Camera Application in your Android mobile, so that you may do some tricks with images which you must have taken from your device camera to make it more beautify.

While, Beauty doesn’t lie in face,  real beauty is, having a good heart. Is the most heard statement.

But nowadays, the statement which can be heard most is ‘let’s take a photo’. Oh really????  How would you know whether someone has a good heart or not???  For letting people know about having a good heart one need to have attractive personality and yes looks too are a part of your personality, as we all are human, our eyes catches looks first, not heart, because looks are all which we can see.

Top 5 Camera Application - Android

So, who doesn’t like to look good??  I think nobody.

Now have the looks that could kill. Have a good morning selfie. And don’t worry about your mascara, kohl, you can set all them in photograph itself after taking a picture. Must be thinking how is that possible?

This is possible with the help of these 5 best camera application, which are a must have for your phone. So what if your phone doesn’t have a good camera quality, no need to be upset. Just do one thing go to play store, download them and enjoy taking pictures and selfies with your friends, family and who not. You would also love to explore best collage maker application.

One more thing which adds value to these apps is that they are available for free of cost.  So let’s have an overlook to each app.

CANDY CAMERA FOR SELFIE – Best Camera Application:

This app is a very frequently used application for taking pictures. With this app look beautiful as it has so many filters, especially optimized for selfies.

Candy Camera Application for Android

Candy Camera Application for Android

Key Features of Candy Camera for Selfie App – Camera Application


  • version – 2.7.4,
  • size – 20.69 MB,
  • downloads –10,00,00,000+,
  • rated – 4.3

Candy camera provides you with amazing filters, may be that’s why 1,00,000 people are taking selfie every day.

Filters for selfie : A diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies –

  • Every candy camera filter will help your skin to look amazing. (don’t worry about your looks when you have a plan to hangout after work)
  • Change your filters by simply swiping left and right.
  • Live filters.

Beauty functions :  It doesn’t end with filters. Many more things are there in line. The beauty function provide additional editing  tools –

  • Forgot to apply eyeliner /kohl/mascara?? Don’t worry you just take a picture and apply it through additional editing tools.
  • Uhh that tummy!!! Why it has to show its presence in every picture. Calm down!!  You can make yourself look slim in your pictures. With the slimming tool. (Thank me later)
  • Looking extra sober. No problem at all.. Use make up stickers.

Candy Camera application for Android

Stickers :

  • For every season, occasion and trend
  • And you can move and resize them with the multi touch function.

Silent camera :

  • Hate that shutter sound of camera??  You don’t have to deal with that embarrassing sound, candy camera helps you in taking selfies, snapshots, or photograph anywhere you go. Now, you can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime, with candy camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode.

Download Candy Camera Application for Android from here:

Candy Camera app

HD CAMERA – Best Camera Application for Android:

This is a native android system camera app. A simple and a faster way to capture moments. Don’t have good camera quality?  Its ok now upgrade your android camera with the HD camera for android.

HD Camera Application

HD Camera Application for android

Key Features of HD Camera – Android Camera Application

Basics :

  • version –,
  • downloads – 1,00,00,000+,
  • size – 7.22 MB,
  • rated – 4.1/5

HD Camera Application for android

Other features :

  • Camera and video features.
  • 3 modes: this app provides camera, video recorder, and panorama.
  • Zoom in and out just by pinching the screen.
  • Countdown timer : set a timer while taking pictures and as the time period ends the picture will be clicked automatically.
  • Dynamic user interface.
  • Wide screen pictures.
  • Set the picture quality.
  • Now set mode of your screen (action, night, sunset, play)
  • Location targeting : HD camera reads your location, if allowed.

HD camera utilized all advantage of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quick and easy, photos and videos.

Download HD Camera Application from here

HD Camera app

RETRICA Camera Application:

Retrica is a very well known camera app. Overall it is a simple photo taking  and sharing app with a near infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, social, and secret sharing options.

Retrica Camera Application for Android

Key features of Retrica Camera App for Android

Basics :

  • version – 2.11.4,
  • downloads –  10,00,00,000+,
  • size 35.49 MB,
  • rated – 4.3/5

Retrica Camera Application for Android

Other features : There are not one or two features in Retrica, but ample of features to make something new with every moment.

  • Unlimited possibilities : Retrica has 100+ real time filters, with more than 200 filters.
  • Live filters: live filters allow you to preview your photos, before you snap. (what else could be more cool than this)
  • Vignette : vignette allows you to add the analog film look, to your photos.
  • Collage: so many pics and want them all in one?? Here is a tool named collage, which assist you to put your all the beautiful pictures to make one beautiful photo.
  • Stamp: make your photo decorative with the help of Stamp. Yes a Retrica stamp can help in making your picture quite decorative.
  • Timer: set timer and say cheese!!! Here, is your picture clicked automatically.
  • Social : share your photos via installed app.

Retrica is the app which allows you to shoot the same moment in million  ways and share it with the world, that special someone, or anyone you want.

Download Retrica Camera Application from here

Retrica Camera App

Camera 360 – Camera Application for Android:

Pro selfies, lots of filters, portrait, lens, photo grid, image editor  and short videos. All these  in one app. Sounds amazing.

Camera 360 - Camera Application for Android

Key features of Camera 360 Android application

Basics :

  • version – 7.3.2,
  • downloads – 10,00,000+,
  • size – 45.33 MB,
  • rated – 4.4/5

Camera 360 - Camera Application for Android

Other features :

  • Funny Stickers : Modify your pictures with its funny stickers.
  • Exquisite filters: use filters and click the best selfie ever
  • Photo challenge : participate in photo challenge. Click a photo and get rated by other users.
  • Photo edit: don’t doubt yourself. You too can learn to edit pics, just use the app and learn photo editing too.

Camera 360 has 500 million users around the world, with excellent rating. Camera 360 has been ranked long term number 1 on photograph ranking charts in 7 countries; a global trend setter for mobile photography.

Download Camera 360 Application from here

Camera 360 Android app


Bestie is a camera with face recognition filter effects, stickers and air brush.

Bestie Camera Application for Android

Bestie Camera Application for Android

Key Features of Bestie Camera App for Android

Basics :

  • version – 2.6.2,
  • downloads – 50,00,000+,
  • size – 22.81 MB,
  • rated – 4.3/5

Bestie Camera Application for Android

Other features : Bestie is a best camera for portrait selfies:

  • Handy camera : tap / touch anywhere on screen.
  • Considerate and practical one.
  • Lady effect : mia, olivia, laura, xena,  izzy, chole, joyce etc.
  • Blend effect : it is an effect which can be said as double exposure mix. This is inclusive of effects like :- home away, the pink panther, alone, alley, wild west.
  • Photography lighting effect camera : fringe, stay, meet, shine, shades, belt.
  • Flawless selfie photo beautifier
  • Auto concealer make up
  • Wrinkle remover
  • Photo effect slim face and reshaping.
  • Hypnotize people with your eyes.

Download Bestie Camera Application for Android from here

Bestie Camera app

Hope this article can help you the best. Now, take selfies, without worrying about your looks, weight or anything. Just open these camera app and say cheese..!!!

Review these apps in this article or suggest us if you know about any app, and get engaged with our website.

Thank you!!!


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