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5 Best Business news Apps

Business News Apps. Business is a profession, which faces frequent Changes because of the changes in the market conditions. So it is very important for us to stay updated with every news and happenings of the world market.

It would be very profitable for us if get to know about any news the second it happens. So for that newspapers won’t be a good idea, as they provide news to us but next day of the event. In that case nothing can be more profitable than having apps which provides business news or other news related to business and market situation.

Best Business News Apps

Here are the 5 best business news app which can be very helpful for you. These apps are available absolutely free of cost in play store, and these apps will be consuming a very little space in your device.  Let us start with these apps.

BLOOMBERG BUSINESS – Business news App:

BLOOMBERG BUSINESS  is a leading business, finance, news, market data and portfolio tool. Now you can instantly access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tool from the world’s most trusted source.

Boomberg business - Best Business news app

Key Features of Bloomberg Business – Business news App:

Key information:

  • version –,
  • downloads –  50,00,000+,
  • size – 11.01 MB,
  • rated – 4.2/5,
  • Frequently updated

NEWS: Bloomberg business is a business news app which provides you with news like :-

  1. Now you can access breaking news and top stories from over 45 categories including economy, technology, politics, personal finance, bonds, commodities, currencies, emerging markets, funds, energy market and many more.
  2. Make a watch-list and get the latest news on companies.


  • Now get the latest data of market for global equity indices, bonds, futures, commodities and currencies.
  • Personalized :now you can personalize the markets that are of your interest and most important to you.


  • Now you can also keep watch on your personal holdings by tracking, managing and analyzing them. This will help you to access detailed company pages that is Inclusive of key statistics, financial and earning updates.


  • Get snapshots of your important market, to identify their performance.
  • Utilize analytical tools to better understand how companies and markets have performed


  • Bloomberg can be watch live now, customize it for your region, Or you can select a different region for new perspective.


  • Slideshow highlights the latest news from across the world.

Features Images of Bloomberg Business News app:

You can get Bloomberg Business from here:

bloomberg business app


FLIPBOARD – Business News App:

FLIPBOARD works as a personal magazine. Nowdays very popular among millions pf people, as it provides a single place to keep up on the news, follow topics which concerns you and you can share stories videos and photos too.

Flipboard - best business news app

Key features of Flipboard – Business news app

Key information :

  • version – 3.3.22,
  • downloads – 10,00,00,000+,
  • size-8 MB,
  • rated – 4.4/5,
  • Frequently updated

How to use???

  • To start using flipboard, all you have to do is to follow a few topics and then the rest is for the flipboard. As now flipboard creates your personal magazine

Publication : Flipboard provides you with the facility to read world class publications like

  • The New York times
  • People magazine
  • Fast company
  • Vanity fair.
Flipboard - best business news app

Flipboard – best business news app

Connectivity :

  • Now Flipboard can be connected with Facebook, Instagram, twitter. This helps you easily flip through pictures from friends.

Plus more great features :

  • Collection of stories.
  • Freedom to manage all your magazine.
  • Read the daily edition to quickly check the news you need for your day.
  • Check what is happening in the world.
  • You can also use the Flipboard widget for quick access on your Android device.

You may get FlipBoard App from here:



Business Daily news is a business news app which combines them most famous business news website into one handy application.

Business Daily - Best business news app

Key features of Business Daily News App

Key information :

  • version 1.0,
  • download – 10,000+,
  • size – 2.75 MB,
  • rated – 4.4/5

Publication :  Now with daily business news you can enjoy reading.

  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • International business times
  • Seeking alpha
  • The business journals.
  • Reuters
  • Forbes
  • Business insider

So, here is no need to switch back and fort from site to site in your browser. With business daily all your favorite are right at your fingertips. Keep upto speed and stay informed with business daily news.

You may download Business Daily News app from here:

bloomberg business app


Get CNN money award winning business finance and technology news on the go.

Key Feature of CNN Money business and Finance News app:

Key information :

  • version –,
  • downloads – 50,00,000+,
  • size 25.63MB,
  • frequently updated app

Facilitate : CNN money business and finance news is a business news app which Facilitate:

  • Real time market data.
  • Personalized watch-list
  • World market, currency and commodities data
  • Breaking news alerts.

CNN MONEY BUSINESS AND FINANCE NEWS  is an business news application for android users, which features an elegant design, making it quick and easy to get the latest business, markets, and finance news.

Image Gallery for this business news app:

You may download CNN Money business and finance news app from here:

CNN business news app

BUSINESS INSIDER – Business News App:

Business insider keep up to date with fast news and analysis.

Business Insider - Best Business news app

Business Insider – Best Business news app

Key Features of Business Insider news app:

Key information :

  • version – 1.1.20150427,
  • downloads – 1,00,000+,
  • size – 7.08 MB,
  • rated – 4.4/5

The business insider app provides you with a fast, free and convenient way to read business insider on the go.

Keep up to date with the latest news, sharp analysis.

Insightful commentaries from across the world and across the speaker of Business insider verticals.

Facilitate :

  • Offline reading (wow save your favorite articles for later)
  • Share content with friends and others via any installed app
  • View full comment stream for each post.

Image Gallery of Business Insider app:

You may download Business Insider news app from here:

Business Insider app

Hurry up!!!  Folks.  These are the 5 best business news apps which can help you through any kind of business related news, or decision . So just install them and enjoy your handy news. Because it is better to prevent than to cure. You can add on other business related news app in this list, by just commenting below its name and a small description which you like about the same.

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