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3 Important Apps for IAS and UPSC Aspirants

Big dreams and lack of time??? If you are also aspiring to clear IAS or UPSC exam, but not able to manage time for reading the whole newspaper , or to remember the news. Well well well… here is something really great for you. Now study for IAS and UPSC with apps in a smart way. We all know there is no substitute to hard work. But if we do work hard on doing things smart way, it increases the efficiency of the work done.

So here we introduce 3 Important apps for IAS and UPSC aspirants to help you in achieving your big dreams. Now expand your preparation from laptop to mobile, again for free!!! Yes!!  These apps are available in play store for free of cost. Let us start with these apps.

Apps for IAS and UPSC Aspirants


Clear IAS Android – Apps for IAS and UPSC Preparation:

The complete online preparation package for IAS and other civil service exam.  

Clearias.Com, one of the most popular online coaching websites in India, provides free IAS online coaching, guidance, strategies, books, online study materials, mock exams etc. Clear IAS is the official mobile app from them.

Clear IAS android apps for IAS and UPSC aspirants

Clear IAS android apps for IAS and UPSC aspirants

Key features of Clear IAS App:

  • version – 25,
  • size – 14.03 mb,
  • rated – 4.2/5,
  • 100,000 + downloads, and
  • frequently updated app i.e Last updated on 15-feb-2016.

Clear IAS android apps for IAS and UPSC aspirants 1

Essentials for using Clear IAS app : An internet connection to access particular features of the app.

Benefits :

  1. Fast and clean design.
  2. Link to free online mock exams.
  3. Add new functionalities
  4. Provides UPSC toppers interviews and preparation strategies
  5. Faster navigation of our free study material at 


  1. The complete online preparation package for IAS and UPSC exam.
  2. Access UPSC study material from the comfort of your mobile or tablet.
  3. Tips, strategies & study plan to clear all the stages of IAS exam.
  4. UPSC syllabus for prelims, mains & interview now at your fingertips.
  5. Shop online the recommended books for IAS exam at a discounted price.
  6. Updates and latest post from
  7. Mobile friendly layout and fonts to avoid eye strain.
  8. Access a major newspapers including regional newspapers.
  9. Mock test.

Updates : All sections as per the latest UPSC syllabus, list of all leading newspapers, links to buy useful IAS books online.

Compatibility: it is available for ios, android, windows, blackberry users.

Clear IAS mobile app is also useful for those who are not planning to crack any exam but seek quality information.

Download Clear IAS Android app from here: 
Clear IAS app

Civils daily Android – Apps for IAS and UPSC Preparation:

An app free of cost and takes small space in your phone. Daily current affairs for IAS and UPSC exam from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Indian express’, ‘PIB’ etc. Highest rated current affairs and GK app for IAS and UPSC preparation. has been providing most comprehensive current affairs & news updates to help the aspirants achieve their dreams.

This app is especially useful for those who aspires to crack their IAS exam while preparing online.

Key features of Civils Daily Android App :

  • version – 10.0.0,
  • size – 4.05 mb,
  • 50,000+downloads,
  • rated 4.6/5,
  • frequently updated

Civils daily android app for IAS and UPSC aspirants

Objective : “This app ‘civilsdaily’ aims at providing a comprehensive news roundup in an uncluttered – interface. Their goal is to build a robust news app & support you for the GS part of your IAS and UPSC exam preparation.”

Essentials : An internet connection. For offline services you need to bookmark the flash cards.

Benefits : it provides different threads for the learner’s support.

  • Doubts clearing forum.
  • AUA: Ask us anything
  • Economy doubts clearing forum.

Facilitate :

  • Summary of all the news that is relevant to IAS and UPSC exam preparation.
  • Flash card published on the daily basis. Also known as news cards on the app.
  • Compile all the news cards together under one topic.


  1. Faster, lighter, simply epic.
  2. Eyes see beautiful things. So they should be taken care of. That’s why they introduced night mode.
  3. Facebooking is a fun. So we also executed the same Facebook style stories browser. So, hope you won’t find studying, a boredom.
  4. Images helps understanding in a better way. So we provide news cards with images.
  5. Missed few news cards.??Okay no problem, here is to check out the news cards you missed.
  6. App allows to access blog section.
  7. Offline news cards helps you study for your IAS exam while traveling, going to classes, taking a break.

Compatibility : It is available for ios, Android, windows and blackberry users.

Download CivilsDaily Android app from here:

Clear IAS app

INSIGHTS ON INDIA –Apps for IAS and UPSC Preparation:

Insights on India civil service preparation helper. It is a free android application designed to help you simplify the complications on your way to IAS /civil service exam preparation.

This app helps you to try insights on India’s ( current events quiz, easily in your Android devices, thereby learn & measure their knowledge. The quiz is available on the daily basis, started from September 2015.

Note: This app is developed by an aspirant who is thankful to insightonindia for their help. This app is not published by or associated to the insights of India website in any capacity.

Key features of Insights on India Android App:

  • version – 2.01,
  • size – 3.02 mb,
  • 10,000+downloads,
  • rated – 4.5/5,
  • Frequently updated i.e last updated on – 21-jan-2016.
Insights on India app for IAS and UPSC aspirants

Insights on India app for IAS and UPSC aspirants

Essentials for using this app : A working Internet connection to do the daily quiz.

Facilitate :

  1. Insights editorial gist.
  2. Daily online current events quiz.
  3. Quiz archive.
  4. Feedback.

Additions :

  1. Gist of insights into editorials.
  2. Updated interface.
  3. Performance improvement.

Compatibility : Available only for Android users, free of cost.

Download Insights of India App from here:

Clear IAS app

So download any of these apps or all and make your dreams turn into reality. Hope you find 3 Important Apps for IAS and UPSC Exam Preparation article beneficial. All the best. You may also add on this list, by commenting below the app name and also details, if you find any other app which is useful.

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