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How to add Subtitle to MX Player – Read it

Add Subtitle to MX Player while Playing videos which are of different languages. While the default video player of Android doesn’t provide this feature to add Video directly. MX player HD Video player provide functionality to add Subtitles of videos. So Lets get started with this player, which is one of the best Video player which most of the Android users are using it.

Subtitles is transcript of the dialog or audio of the video which is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. You may find your subtitle files with either of the following Extension i.e .srt, .sub, .sbv and many more. You may find this files along with video folder. MX player support maximum possible subtitles format.

So lets start with the steps to add subtitle in MX player and then we will also know other features of MX player with which we can play with fonts and positions of text displayed.

Add Subtitle to MX player

Add Subtitle to MX player

Before implementing the steps, you should have downloaded and installed MX player Android Application on your device. Here is the link:

You can also look for the pro version of MX Player to avoid advertisement distraction.

Steps to Add Subtitle to MX player:

1.) Open MX player, and play the video you want to watch.

  • Note: If you already have a subtitle file for the video, then try to place the files in the same folder where video is placed. If you don’t have one, don’t worry and proceed further.

2.) Select the three dotted icon appeared at the upper right corner of the Video view, to open options. And press Subtitles from there. Now you have two option to add subtitles, i.e Either from the Android directory or from online.

  • Load subtitle Offline or From Directory: If you already have .srt or any other subtitle file, then Just press Open option. This will directly open up the pop up box displaying the files of the same directory of the video. If you have placed files in another folder, then you can easily navigate and select the same to add Subtitle in MX player.

Add Subtitle to MX player

Example here is shown of Movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” – Best motivation Movie.

  • Load Subtitle Online: If you don’t have subtitle file, then Just tap on “Get Subtitles Online” and press Search option. This will open up dialog box showing to Either directly search the files online according to the file name. Or you can Enter the text to search the subtitle.
  • Add Subtitle to MX Player
  • Once searched, it will show up the result which you can download and add as a transcript text further.

Add Subtitle to MX player

  • Note: MX Player uses website to search subtitles for the video.

3.) That’s all. Enjoy video with Subtitles now. If subtitles is not synchronized with audio and video, then you can use additional feature to play with subtitles in MX player.

Add Subtitle to MX Player

Add Subtitle to MX Player

MX Player Subtitles option : Synchronize, text color, text size speed with Audio Video:

From the “options” menu in player, as discussed above, you will also find other options too for having more control on subtitles like :

a.) Synchronization : Forward or backward the subtitles text in Seconds.
b.) Speed : Increase or decrease the speed in %, of subtitle in MX player Video.
c.) Panel : This option will let you to either remove the .srt file or change the subtitles.
d.) Settings : You can change the Font family, Increase or decrease Size, scale the text, change the color, show shadow etc.

You would definitely enjoy video with subtitles which will give you more clarity and enhance your video experience while watching on your Android Device. Its really very nice feature MX player introduced to add subtitle, while you may also try VLC for Android for the same feature.

I hope this article had helped you. If you find problem in implementing the above steps do comment below, so that we can discuss more over that and solve the problem.

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