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3 best music player Android apps

Best music player app – Music?? what comes first in mind after listening this word? it may vary from person to person, as being a human we all have different taste, likes, dislikes in everything, so applies in music. We all have different choices,likes,dislikes, taste in music. Some people would like too listen soft musics,some trance,some would like to listen to party songs. so all these depends  on our choices ,likes and dislikes. Music is not only a word but it is something which makes you feel up when you are feeling low, makes you feel content, takes you out of the world whenever you feel everything is just messed up it lets you escape from all the mess, and after listening to music you can think in a better way and clean the mess.

So, we can say music is a very important  part of everyone’s life for enjoying music to the fullest we need to  have a good music system, speakers; but we can’t carry those speakers and  music system, so all we do is listening to  songs in phone via headphones/earphones . Now, you can enjoy music  in phone  with incorporated music systems and speakers in the form of music player applications. Android Application developer has developed music player applications, and these are optimized for your best music listening experience. These user friendly apps are freely available in play store.

Best music player android app

Best music player android app

Here  we are to introduce you with the 3 best music player applications.

Equalizer Music Player Booster – More than 1,00,00,000 download with 4.2 rated app at play store.

n7player Music Player – More than 1,00,00,000+ downloads with 4.5 rating at play store.

LAYA MUSIC PLAYER – More than with 4.0 rating at play store

  • Note : Rating and downloads provided here are taken from store at the time of publishing the post. There may be chances that this may be changed after time.

With all the music player listed below, you might also be interested in Music apps which can play music in sync with other mobiles to boost sound. Also you may check some download Manager to mange and downloads music in your Android mobile phone.

Lets list out all these best music player of android one by one:


best music player

Equalizer music player is a music player application which was voted  best app of the year 2014 by google  play.   improve your music listening experience with this app.


This app has a lot of  attractive new features which can provide you with best in quality music listening experience.

Basics :

  • version – 2.5.8,
  • downloads – 1,00,00,000+,
  • size -8.84 MB,
  • rated – 4.2/5.

Characteristics :

  • “5  bands equalizer” :  5 bands equalizer is something we all need for the great music listening experience. ‘Equalizer Music Player Booster ‘ gives it to you.

best music player

  • “audio player” : the audio player is directly  available in the app
  • “accessibility” :  now you can access  your music library with unlimited access.
  • “compatibility” : equalizer music player booster app is compatible with android TV.
  • “sharing” : this app allows you to create local music sharing network.
  • “Background pay mode” : it helps you to access other apps while playing your songs or while in  stand-by mode.
  • “customization” : you can customize your playlist ; in order by album/songs/artists/playlist.
  • “shuffle”
  • “repeat”
  • user friendly

best music player



  • “BASS BOOSTER” : You can boost the volume like never before with the help of bass booster.
  • “visualizer” :  watch your sound spectrum move, choose your audio wave shapes.
  • “DJ Mode” : to ensure a smooth string of music
  • Manage your list  by editing or deleting preset.


  • 1 GB RAM minimum is recommended to use this app in your phone.
  • “rediscover your music with ‘Equalizer music Player Booster’ app “.


Download Eqailzer music player booster from here:

Equalizer music player best app

n7player Music Player – Best Music Player App:

n7player Music Player - Best Music Player App:

‘n7player Music Player’ is an audio player which gives you an innovative way to browse your music. This user friendly music player app provides advanced features. quick  access to currently playing songs allows for total control in a handy way.

n7player Music Player - Best Music Player App:

Key Features OF n7player Music Player App:

Basics :

  • version – 2.4.15,
  • downloads – 1,00,00,000+,
  • size – 8.54 MB ,
  • rated – 4.5/5.

Other Features :

‘n7Player music player’ has ample of amazing features like :

“playback features” :

  • all formats : this music player app plays all popular file types (mp3,mp4,ogg, etc)
  • “full featured,10 band equalizer” : tunable bass and treble,built -in presets with possibility of creating of your own.

n7player Music Player - Best Music Player App:

  • control what you play : it allows you to access current queue of tracks.
  • gapless playback,timer, playback resume.


  • Personalize your experience  : use your favorite skin , select most suitable widget , install free music visualizer.

n7player Music Player - Best Music Player App:

  • “cover auto grabber” : get your missing album arts will help browsing your library.
  • “filter your music library”  :  this feature lets you control artists show up, limit your library to the specified folders
  • user friendly
  • browse through folders , old school library too is here : manage your library by artists/album/tracks/genres.


  • Create , modify, or use automatically created ones
  • pause/play, forward, fast forward all options on your fingertips.

n7player Music Player - Best Music Player App:

  • do  it your way : this feature let you  control through notifications,widgets, headset buttons,lock screen.

Download n7player Music Player from here:

n7Music Player best android app

” Don’t search for your music ,with n7player you have access to your whole library in a friendly and intuitive way controlled  by simple gestures.”

LAYA MUSIC PLAYER – Best Music Player:

LAYA MUSIC PLAYER - Best Music Player

‘LAYA MUSIC PLAYER’ app is a simple and easy to use music player for android. It lets you access all your music collections on your device quickly and easily.

Key featurea of laya music player android app:

Basics :

  • version – 3.2.2 ,
  • downloads – 1,00,00,000 +,
  • size – 2.55 MB,
  • rated – 4.0/5.

Other Features :

  • supports all format
  • it has “5 band equalizer”.
  • “bass boot  and 3D surround virtualizer”.
  • “lyrics support” : this let you have lyrics of songs via an external link.
  • easy  playback controls
  • control your headset/Bluetooth button
  • “sharing ” : lets you share music via installed  apps.

Download LAYA MUSIC PLAYER from here

laya music player from android app

Browse,manage and equalize your songs with  ‘Laya Music Player’.

These are the 3 best music player applications which can be downloaded from play store that too for free. enjoy music with these apps. If you know any music player app, then do let us know by commenting in the comment box provided at the end of the  article.

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